Gyp-Crete® was only the beginning.

The original underlayment that revolutionized floor construction was just the first chapter of the Maxxon story. Today, the Maxxon lineup includes an array of proven solutions that continue to define the industry.

And we're still writing that story ...

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Evolution of innovation

Powerful, proven solutions

Floor leveling

  • Smooth and level floors in new construction or renovation
  • Can be poured at any depth
  • Depending on UL chosen, offer compressive strengths up to 5500 psi
  • Fast track to floor goods installation

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Fire control

  • Our underlayments provide fire control in your projects
  • Over 100 UL Fire Rated Designs and documented sound tests
  • Add mass to floor, creating an excellent sound barrier and thermal conductor in radiant heating applications
  • Wide range of compressive strengths

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Sound control

  • Multiple levels of sound control
  • Over 1000 documented sound tests
  • Increases IIC levels up to 20 points over wood frame, up to 30 points or more over concrete, and up to 22 points over steel deck
  • Increases STC ratings up to 15 points over bare wood frame

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Moisture Vapor Mitigation

  • Prevent passage of water vapor and moisture through concrete floors on or above grade
  • Reduce MVER of up to 25 lbs to 3 lbs or less
  • Eliminate delamination of adhesives, floor coverings and coatings

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